Temple riots are not tolerated in Australia, Khalistani’s challenge is Modi’s

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on attack on Hindu temple in Australia. He attracted the attention of former Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. The head of state of Australia has assured strict action on this.

Over the past few years, pro-Khalistanists have repeatedly attacked Hindu temples in Australia. Sometimes they vandalized the temple and sometimes wrote anti-India slogans on the temple wall. Be it Melbourne or Sydney, New Delhi has repeatedly expressed concern over the attacks on several Hindu temples.
Prime Minister Modi held a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Aji in Sydney on Wednesday. According to sources, he raised this issue directly there. Besides, Namo appealed to ensure security of Hindu temples.

According to sources, Prime Minister Albanese of Australia has assured cooperation in this regard. At the end of today’s meeting, the two heads of state issued a joint statement. However, Prime Minister Modi did not name pro-Khalistanists there.

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In today’s joint statement, Namo said, “The separatist attack on Hindu temples in Australia has been discussed with the Prime Minister earlier. This issue was discussed again today. Nothing will be tolerated that could be a thorn in the side of India-Australia friendship. Prime Minister Albanese assured strict action against such separatist forces.”

Recently, several Indian embassies abroad have come under attack by pro-Khalistan militants. New Delhi started taking strict action after that incident. The government has started confiscating the properties of pro-Khalistan family members living in India. Besides, pro-Khalistanists have been ordered to be arrested if they return to the country.

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According to political analysts, this comment of Prime Minister Modi standing on Australian soil is very important in this climate. After this meeting, it is assumed that the Aji administration will take strict action against the pro-Khalistanists.

Prime Minister Modi attended a program of non-resident Indians in Sydney on Tuesday. There, Aji addressed him as dear friend and the boss. He also compared Namo’s popularity with American rock stars.

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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup will be held in India this year. Namo invites Aji PM to watch the World Cup game. Prime Minister Modi made it clear at the event on Tuesday that cricket has played a major role in strengthening the relationship between India and Australia.

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