Taiwan is getting weapons again with huge US aid, China is very angry

in taipei: Courtesy of Washington, Taiwan is going to get $500 million worth of arms from the US on an emergency basis. That country’s defense minister, Chiu Kuo Cheng, said that the weapons package will arrive in Taiwan by 2023. The defense minister said that there is some delay in getting the weapons they are supposed to get as promised by America. Therefore, in the middle of this 500 million dollar package, arrangements are being made to provide arms to Taiwan on an urgent basis.

However, the defense minister of Taiwan could not say anything clearly about what kind of weapons will be in that package. Since the visit of American politician and Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to the island nation in 2022, Chinese warplanes have repeatedly entered Taiwan’s defense zone, raising the threat of war. Even Chinese warships are entering the defense zone of that country. In this situation, Taiwan is receiving 500 million dollars worth of weapons from America.

The White House announced the ‘Taiwan Policy Act’ in September 2022. According to that law, Washington decided to quickly send military aid to Taipei. On the basis of the law announced by Joe Biden, the US administration decided to give arms worth about 450 million rupees to Taiwan in the next four years.

After the announcement of the American decision, angry Beijing decided to send Chinese warplanes inside Taiwan’s security zone. The air campaign lasted for several days. In response to the Red Army attack, Taiwan sent its own warplanes.

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But the Chinese warships entered the defense zone of the island nation without paying any attention to that effort. China has repeatedly stated that Taiwan is part of its territory. Therefore, it is not possible for them to accept the interference of any country in this matter. In this situation, the international world is watching whether America’s decision to send weapons on an emergency basis creates a new conflict.

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