‘Swastik’ sign on the gate of the flat, Indian engineer arrested in Arabia

Telugu family in trouble in Saudi Arabia because of ‘Swastika’ sign on the gate of the flat. The home of the householder is Srighar. Hindu family members have approached the Indian Embassy to demand his release.

The name of the person arrested in the Arab country is M Arvind. Arvind, an engineer by profession, is said to be a resident of Guntur. He was living with his family in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia.

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Arvind’s wife Leela Kumari claims that the flat in which they live had a ‘Swastik’ sign on the gate. An Arab resident of that apartment objected. He claimed that ‘Swastik’ was the symbol of Hitler’s Nazi party.

After that Arvind spoke to that person. The difference between the two signs is explained to him. But the Arabs did not want to accept that argument. He went to Satan police station and lodged a complaint. Due to which Arvind had to be arrested.

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Leela Kumari approached the Indian Embassy after her husband was arrested. Telugu social activist Muzamil Sheikh stands by the Indian family on this issue. Apart from this, an organization of Indian origin called ‘Nas Vokkam’ is also working to remove Aurobindo.

Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933. His party won the vote National Socialist German Workers Party or Nazi Party. The symbol of this party was ‘Swastik’. Some historians blame Hitler for starting World War II in 1939.

However, there is quite a difference between the ‘Swastika’ symbol of Indian Hindus and the symbol of the Nazi Party. The two symbols are also drawn separately. With which the Indian engineer got into trouble in Saudi Arabia.

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Incidentally, the Indian Embassy has not yet given any response on this issue. However, efforts are being made to release the Telugu engineer.

Recently, America has expressed interest in starting the construction of railway lines in the countries of the Middle East. It is known that the construction of the railway line will start from Saudi Arabia. There are indications that this work may be given to Indian Railways.

When the construction of railways starts in Arab countries, many engineers will have to move from this country to these countries of the Middle East. If you see such a problem, what steps will be taken? This raises questions.

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