Suddenly BJP-model? Congress workers sprinkle cow urine and perform pooja at Vidhana Soudha Karnataka Legislative Assembly

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Congress has done exactly what BJP does. Bengaluru Congress workers ‘purified’ the assembly by spreading cow urine! Congress is happy after defeating BJP in Karnataka. The whole country is happy with the results of Congress. Concerned circles say that this result of Karnataka before 2024 is very significant for the overall politics of the country.

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Congress formed the government. Siddaramaiah also took oath as Chief Minister. This time the first session of the Karnataka Assembly will be held. Earlier, Karnataka Congress workers cleaned the assembly premises by spreading cow urine in the assembly. He also performed special puja. The three-day session will continue till May 24.

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Veteran Congress leader RV Deshpande has been elected Protem Speaker. DK Sivakumar was elected Deputy Chief Minister. Congress won 135 seats. Karnataka Legislative Assembly has 224 seats. BJP got 66 seats.

In a multi-party political environment, there may be an atmosphere of conflict. But why did the Congress workers do it? Is this the weapon of the BJP to attack the BJP? Or, in other words, the politics of the BJP unknowingly sealed?

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