Stray dogs should be sent to Ukraine’s military operations! Proposal of the Russian MP

Russian MP Fedot Tumusov made a new proposal to the Putin government to intensify military operations in the Ukraine war. He appealed to the Putin government to use Russia’s stray stray dogs in the war through proper training. A Russian MP has proposed using stray dogs to rescue wounded Russian soldiers and mine operations.

In an interview given to a Russian press, Tumusov said that the number of stray dogs in several Russian cities is increasing day by day. According to him, these guide dogs should be deployed in the special military operations zone in Ukraine after a short training. However, the pro-Putin MP said this training should be provided by experts.

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In this regard, 67-year-old Tumusov brought up the topic of the Second World War. Dogs were said to have been deployed by the Red Army at the time. In an interview with the press, the Russian government should start thinking about the use of stray dogs in the Ukraine war.

The video of the interview with the pro-Putin Russian MP has been posted on social media. Adviser to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko, dismissed Tumusov’s proposal as absurd. He claimed that the Russian government does not have such a plan.

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To be noted, Tumusov is an economics professor by profession. MP elected from Yakutia, Russia’s coldest region. His war policy had earlier won praise in the western world including America and Britain.

however, The Putin government has previously expressed interest in using animals for military purposes. In April 2022, the Russian military deployed dolphins to protect a naval base in the Black Sea. A US agency claimed that the dolphins were given special training for this.

However, an international media report claimed in December last year that Russian stray dogs could be sent as suicide bombers in the Ukraine war. Speculation started with this. The proposal was made by Viktor Makarov, a deputy of the Communist Party of Russia’s Oryol, according to the report.

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The media also claimed that Makarov had earlier offered to send Russian stray dogs to China. At the time, however, his proposal was reportedly thwarted by the Russian parliament. Makarov was told that a large sum of money would be needed to implement such a proposal. This time the pro-Putin Russian MP made the same proposal.

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