Step off the plane! Namo pulled the Papuan Prime Minister to his chest

The head of state of Papua New Guinea bowed by touching the feet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He went to this island nation in the Pacific Ocean from Japan on Sunday. And there, the Prime Minister of that country, James Marape, bowed by touching Namo’s feet without precedent.

Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Papua New Guinea. This island nation in the Pacific Ocean has a special rule. No head of state is formally welcomed there after sunset.

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But by the time Prime Minister Modi’s plane reached Papua New Guinea on Sunday, evening had fallen. As a result, James Marape welcomed Namo breaking the tradition.
Modi The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea bowed by touching his feet as he got off the plane. Namo immediately pulled him to his chest and hugged him.

Incidentally, Prime Minister Modi met Indians living in Papua New Guinea on this day. Seeing him, the non-resident Indians burst into joy. They showered Namo with gifts. Not only that, there was a rush to take pictures with the Prime Minister.

It should be noted that the Forum for India Pacific Corporation or FIPIC summit has been organized in this island nation of the Pacific Ocean. 14 countries of the world are participating in this conference. Prime Minister Modi went to Papua New Guinea to attend the FIPIC conference.

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Namo attended the Quad meeting in Hiroshima, Japan on Sunday. US President Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida were there. US President Biden praised Modi’s popularity in the Quad meeting. Not only that, he also wants Namo’s autograph.

Namo will leave for Australia from Papua New Guinea on May 22 i.e. Monday. He will address non-resident Indians in Sydney on Tuesday i.e. May 23. He will also rename Australia’s Harris Park area. The place will be named ‘Little India’.

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Prime Minister Modi will hold a bilateral meeting with Australian Prime Minister Antony Albanese on May 24. He is also scheduled to meet with top officials of major industrialists and private organizations in Australia. He will return to New Delhi on May 25.

Prime Minister Modi addressed the G-7 meeting during his visit to Japan this year. He questioned the acceptance of the United Nations there. “Why is the United Nations repeatedly failing to establish world peace? Why is it necessary to create different forums to maintain peace and stability? It is time to think about these issues today.” Namo mentioned in the speech of the G-7 meeting.

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