Stay on Mars for 1 year! Plan share Canadian scientists

Earth’s inhabitants have always been interested in Mars. Since childhood, many people like to go to this planet. But this time Kelly Huston will actually do the impossible. This Canadian biologist is going to visit Mars for a year. Although he had no idea of ​​living on the red planet since his childhood. So how did this unique opportunity come to Kelly?

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Not Mars at all. A Mars fair settlement has been built in a secluded area in Houston. Kelly Huston and his three companions are participating in this NASA project. NASA created this address by estimating the exact conditions they would be in if any of the Earth’s inhabitants could go to Mars in the future. Kelly will stay there for the next year.

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In the words of this 52-year-old scientist, “We will think that we are on Mars.” Canada’s Kelly Huston has already started preparing for how they will live on the Red Planet. The next 12 months will be their experience. “I still can’t believe it,” Kelly said as she expressed her feelings to the media.

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This is made by NASA Four people have to spend their days in the artificial Mars through various difficulties. Sometimes the water will run out. Many items necessary for living will not be found. Meanwhile, this experimental project of NASA is to see how they live in a secluded place.

“Not only the odds, but maybe even more surprises await us,” Kelly Huston said. Kelly will feel the difference between Earth and Mars. In that case, even if they talk to each other, there will be a time gap between them. Four people can take up to 40 minutes to talk and listen to each other.

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In the words of Akutabhoy Kelly, “I am very excited. At the same time, it seems that reality is going to be very difficult. This novel opportunity has come to researcher Kelly Huston, who is a permanent resident of America. This artificial Mars has been named ‘Dune Alpha’. It is a 3-D system. Built area of ​​1700 square feet. There will be bedrooms, gym, common room and a vertical garden where the Kellys will cultivate.

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The Kellys toured the area last year before being selected for the project. In his words, “There is a lot of space inside. There is no outdoors though. There is no spacewalk or Marswalk. This area is separated from the rest of the world by an airlock. The whole area is surrounded by red sand. There is no open air.” Four people have to use spacesuits for spacewalk.

Kelly first learned about this NASA project from his partner. Then he did not waste any more time. NASA quickly applied. Kelly said, “Exploring different aspects of science is my hobby, so I didn’t want to waste such an exciting opportunity. Space is always exciting.”

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The four members of this NASA Mars mission do not know each other. In addition to Kelly, a doctor, an engineer and a nurse are going on this mission. Kelly Huston has been given the command of the group. Now to see how they can adapt to each other while living together in a secluded area for 12 months. But before starting this residence, they will be trained for one month. Only then will the Kellys get a chance to talk to each other. Artificial Mars will be ejected in case of a medical emergency.

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But Kelly Huston is a bit worried about how to spend so many months away from family. Sometimes you can get email and video calling opportunities. But network is a very important thing. Although they can never leave the area. Kelly said, “I will miss the mountains, the sea, these things. When I studied genetics technology in Africa, I will try to write down that experience this year. I will write about the frogs of Lake Victoria.” Kelly Huston is currently researching stem cells in California.

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