Starting from zero after the accident, after conquering Everest, the mountaineer sleeps last in the Himalayas

Australian mountaineer Jason Bernard Kennison has found a new lease of life after recovering from an accident So injured, had to learn to walk again He went to touch the world’s highest peak 17 years after the accident He did that But he did not come back On the way back after conquering Mount Everest, this explorer fell asleep forever in the lap of the Himalayas. So far 10 people have lost their lives with him in this season of conquering Mount Everest This resident of Perth, Australia participated in the expedition conducted by the ‘Asian Trekking’ organization It was that organization that informed the news of his death to the media According to Nepal’s Tourism Department, 450 climbers have climbed Mount Everest so far this season.

at South Summit Kennison’s behavior was noted to be abnormal After that, with the help of two Sherpas, he descended to the balcony area He fell ill in that mountainous region at 8400 meters above sea level He did not want to move from there The helpers were forced to leave him According to Steven Sherpa, head of the ‘Asian Trekking’ organization, Kennison was slowly becoming stationary at the summit of Mount Everest. He was then somehow brought down to the balcony area below the peak Meanwhile, the oxygen cylinder with them was getting empty gradually So leaving Kennison there, Kennison’s companions came down to Camp Four Their intention was to take the oxygen cylinder from Camp Four and approach Kennison again to rescue him and bring him down But their purpose was not successful due to strong winds and adverse weather conditions

Kennison’s family said, “He has fulfilled his dream by reaching the top of Mount Everest.” Reached the top of the world But unfortunately he could not come back Everyone will remember a brave adventurer like him He will be missed by all.” In 2006, he suffered a severe spinal cord injury in a car accident He was bedridden for a long time, losing the strength to walk He gradually sank into depression and despair

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Kennison started from zero again Learn to walk again Stand up to the charm of Mount Everest by adopting the spirit and courage On social media, he wrote, “I have constantly challenged myself to overcome adversity.” Mount Everest is an opportunity for me to overcome adversity and find satisfaction.” The Nepalese government has extended a helping hand to his family.

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