Smoking reduces brain size, scientists warn

Advertisements such as smoking are harmful to health or cause of cancer are almost common. But a recent study by scientists has shown that smoking also affects brain size. Brain size decreases as a side effect of excessive smoking, scientists say.

A recent study by US scientists revealed that the brain size of smokers is about 0.4 cubic inches smaller than that of non-smokers. They think excessive smoking is responsible for this. Scientists conducted this study on about 28 thousand people.

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The first was a head scan of smokers. After several years, their heads were scanned again. Then it can be seen that their head size is slightly smaller than before. Studies have also shown that regular smokers lose 0.01 cubic inches of head size per year.

Derjiang Liu, head of the American State College of Medicine, warned that smokers will suffer from serious problems in the future as a result of this brain shrinkage. This brain shrinkage increases with age, he said.

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As a result, symptoms like memory loss, blurred vision, muscle weakness may appear, he said. Last March 4 was World No Tobacco Day. This year’s Anti-Smoking Divas advised not to smoke to protect the brain.

It was also warned that excessive smoking could cause brain haemorrhage. The warning given on the Anti-Smoking Day was that excessive smoking not only damages the brain, but can also damage multiple organs of the body.

A recent study revealed that three-fourths of the world’s smokers do not know the harm that smoking can cause. Very few smokers believe that excessive smoking can lead to memory loss. Besides, there is a risk of heart block, brain stroke and bleeding due to excessive smoking.

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It is known that after quitting smoking, blood pressure, blood pressure, everything remains normal. Oxygen levels are also normal. Those who still continue to smoke, get rid of addiction now without delay. Save yourself, warn others about the dangers of smoking.

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