Sky-high air fares past, when will the Hajj train start from India?

No need to take a plane to go to Hajj. Now you can reach Makkah in just one train. The cost of pilgrimage will decrease. Many Indian Muslims are happy to get the indication of the start of rail service to Saudi Arabia.

Every year millions of Muslims from India go to Mecca, Saudi Arabia for Hajj. They have to go to this holy place by plane. As a result, devout Muslims spend a lot on Hajj.

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Train to Mecca

New Delhi recently held a meeting with Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to solve this problem. US representatives were also present there. In that meeting, it is known that a rail line from Saudi Arabia to India has been planned.

According to sources, the Saudi administration wants to give responsibility to India for the implementation of this project. Indian Railways has made great strides in service delivery over the past few years. As soon as it is noticed, the Saudi administration wants to hand over the project work to New Delhi.

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Where will the railway line be?

According to experts, India-Saudi railway is going to be one of the ambitious projects of the Narendra Modi government. In this long journey, the work of railway leaves is completely easy. They also claimed that the engineers will have to face various geographical challenges when the project starts.

According to the mentioned project, the train will reach India after crossing a long distance between the plateaus and mountains starting from the chest of the Arabian desert. According to sources, the train will pass between Balochistan and Jagars mountains. Experts have claimed that the work of laying the railway line in this mountainous area of ​​Iran is the most difficult.

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Also the border problem can be a big obstacle in this project. Pakistan can block the implementation of the project. Therefore, it is known that thinking about how to implement the project by avoiding Pakistan is going on.

When did the project start?

It is not yet known when the work of this rail project between India and Saudi Arabia will start. Experts claim, in this case, the two countries can create an organization to start the project.

Not only this, New Delhi and Riyadh are planning to run bullet trains on this road once the rail service is launched. In that case, the time to reach Makkah will be reduced.

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