Shocking! Father was killed by lightning while holding his son’s hand

The little child was walking hand in hand with his father. At this time, lightning took away the father’s life. He is seriously injured. This incident happened in Texas, USA. The injured child is currently battling death in the hospital. According to Texas police sources, the incident happened last Monday. At age 34, Matthew Boggs stepped out of the house with his two sons, Grayson and Elijah, as usual. After reaching a bus stop in Texas, he plans to return home.

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Because, at that time there was a terrible lightning. 6-year-old son Grayson was holding his father’s hand. At that time, the 34-year-old man died due to lightning. The child was seriously injured. In an interview given to the press, Angela Boggs, the wife of the deceased, said that Matthew loved his little son Grayson very much. Just before the lightning, she says that she loves the little boy. Before that talk was over, the inhuman incident happened, said Angela.

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According to a statement from the Boss County Sheriff’s Office in Texas, a team of police rushed to the scene after receiving reports of the death of one person and injuries to another person due to lightning. The police claimed that Mathew died on the spot. Grayson was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. When Grayson was admitted to the hospital, he was having severe breathing problems, a Texas police official said.

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The seriously injured 6-year-old child is battling death at a local hospital. It has been informed by the hospital that he has been put on ventilation. As a result of lightning, the child’s optic nerve has been severely damaged, the doctors said. Family sources revealed that doctors were skeptical that Grayson would ever recover. The hospital authorities could not assure the family about the child’s survival. The injured child has been kept with sleeping pills to relieve body discomfort.

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Although the doctors did not give assurances about the child’s recovery, other family members refused to give up. They have approached God. They believe that by God’s grace, Grayson will recover.

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