Seen close to the boyfriend! 13-year-old sister burned her face after murdering her 9-year-old sister

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Terrible! Involuntary manslaughter. Sister killed by minor sister. 13-year-old sister killed her 9-year-old sister along with her boyfriend. Not only that, Didi burned her sister’s face after the murder. Police arrested the accused Didi in this incident and sent her to the correctional facility.

Police Super SP Ravi Ranjan Kumar of Vaishali said that the incident took place on May 15. The incident took place in Harprasad village of Vaishali in Bihar. The parents of those two sisters had gone to a relative’s house in the nearby village on the occasion of the wedding. At that time, 13-year-old sister killed her sister along with her boyfriend. Then, to hide the identity of the dead body, acid is poured on the face and burnt. Even fingers are cut off. Kakima also supported Didi with her boyfriend in this brutal murder.

Police have arrested all 3 accused. The minor sister has been sent to the penitentiary. On the other hand, the boyfriend and aunt are in judicial custody. Police said, after returning from the wedding, the parents found their 9-year-old daughter missing at home. After that, the parents filed a missing diary at the Jandah police station.

Based on the complaint, the police formed a seat and started the investigation. Then the sister’s half-burnt body was recovered from the field behind the house. After interrogating Didi, the real incident came to the fore. Didi broke down under police questioning. Acknowledged crime. The boyfriend and the cousin were caught at the same time. Didi said that the sister found her in an abusive situation with her boyfriend in an empty room. He killed his sister fearing that it would become known.

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