Saudi Arabia bans entry to Mecca without permission, new Hajj guidelines

Millions of devout Muslims go to Saudi Arabia for Hajj every year. During the Hajj, the pressure of the crowd in the holy Mecca is unusual. Unpleasant incidents often occur due to this. There have even been incidents of trampling to death in this Middle Eastern country.

The government of Saudi Arabia is taking special steps to solve this problem of fee year. Guidelines have been issued by the Saudi administration. It said that no one will be allowed to enter Mecca without permission to deal with the crowd.

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On this issue, an official of the Public Security Department of Saudi Arabia said that those wishing to enter Mecca must obtain special permission from the relevant authorities. One cannot enter Makkah without a permit. Those who do not have the permit will be turned away. Not only that, the Saudi administration has also warned of fines for entering Mecca without permission.

It should be noted that this rule is not limited only to foreign pilgrims who come to perform Hajj. This rule will also apply to local citizens. They also have to take special permission to enter Makkah.

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According to a report by the Saudi News Agency or SNA, special permits have been arranged for workers who are working in Makkah for contractor companies. Permits will be given to these workers electronically. A special app has also been launched for them. That app is called ‘Ajira’. It is said that migrant workers will also get the benefit of this app.

In addition, the Saudi administration will also issue a special permit for entering Mecca. The permit can be applied for online. However, it is not clear how many permits will be given daily.

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In addition to this, the Saudi administration has made several strictures in the field of visas. For now, visa holders other than general visa and Hajj visa are not allowed to land at Jeddah, Madinah, Taif, Yanbu airports. The Saudi administration has also informed that it is not possible to enter Mecca with a tourist visa. This new restriction will be effective from June 3 this year.

Incidentally, until last year, the Covid restrictions were in force in Makkah. As a result, people over the age of 65 were not allowed to enter Mecca. This time the Saudi administration has withdrawn the ban. As a result, it is believed that the Hajj crowd is likely to increase.

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