Saturn effect in astrology: Are you getting repeatedly blocked at work? These are not bad signs of Saturn in Kundali! find out

The festival of Shani Jayanti will be celebrated on Friday, May 19. Worshiping Shani Dev along with rituals on this day gets rid of the evil effects of Shani and also gets the blessings of Shani Dev. If Saturn position is strong in the birth chart, there will never be any kind of trouble in life and success in every work will be achieved with the support of fortune. But when Saturn is not well placed in Kundali, one has to face all kinds of troubles and sufferings. Astrology states that Saturn is the slowest moving planet among all the planets and stars, so Saturn has maximum auspicious and inauspicious effects in our lives. Saturn stays in a sign for two and a half years. Let’s find out what are the auspicious effects of Saturn’s position in Kundali and what problems can be faced if Saturn’s position is not correct in Rasi.

During the puja of Shani Dev, special care is taken that no one looks into his eyes. By looking into the eyes of Shani Dev one faces the evil effects of Saturn. According to legend, Shanideva was married to the daughter of a Gandharva named Chitraratha, who was known to be fierce in nature. Once Shani Dev was worshiping Lord Krishna, his wife Ritu approached Shani Dev after taking her seasonal bath. But Shani Dev was so engrossed in his devotion that he did not even know this. Before the end of Shanidev’s puja, the wife’s period ends. Enraged at this, Shanidev’s wife cursed that you have never seen me in love. Whoever you see from now on will have to face various kinds of evil effects. For this reason it is considered as a dosha in the eyes of Shani Dev.

Auspicious signs of Shani Dev

A person avoids many kinds of problems if Shani Dev is well placed in the Janam Kundali and even if any problem arises, there is a way out through Shani Dev’s grace.

Proper placement of Saturn in Kundali brings health and cures many diseases.

Saturn’s grace ends money related problems and gives good progress in job and business, strengthens economic condition.

Hair and nails are strong when Saturn is happy and fortune is always with him.

When Shani Dev is in auspicious position, family relations are strong and family members also prosper.

Bad sign of Shani Dev

If Saturn’s position is not right in Kundali, shoes and slippers are stolen and hair also starts falling. It is not considered auspicious.

No success is achieved quickly and there are many obstacles to be faced.

One has to face many problems in job and business due to the malefic position of Saturn. Unbridled decline in business, difficulty in getting a job, these are the signs of malefic Saturn.

If Saturn is not well placed in the birth chart, physical problems are faced and many negative thoughts surround the mind.

If Saturn is in a weak position, there will be some problem in the family and the sharpness of the person will also be lost.

According to astrology many problems are faced in married life.

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