Russia’s new strategy to get rid of Zelensky! The decision to sell the penthouse of the President of Ukraine

Since 2014, Russia has controlled the island of Crimea on the Black Sea coast. Moscow took a new decision to increase pressure on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Putin’s country decided to sell Zelensky’s penthouse in Crimea. It was decided that the proceeds of the sale would be spent on the war in Ukraine.

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On Thursday, a leader of Creamery said in a video message that the local authorities have decided to acquire a total of 57 properties in the area. This includes the penthouse named after Olena, the wife of the Ukrainian president. Russian politician Sergei Aksyonov said this decision is to prevent Russian enemies from staying in Crimea. Paul Segubi of the acquisition said the sale would be made. The proceeds from the sale will go towards the campaign and the families of the soldiers killed in the Ukraine military operation.

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It is known that in 2013 Zelensky’s wife Olena Zelenska bought the three-room penthouse in Livadia, Crimea for about 1 lakh 63 thousand 893 dollars. The Penthouse was purchased 1 year before the Russian annexation of Crimea. When the penthouse was purchased in 2013, the cost per square foot was between $2,500 and $3,500, according to a real estate agent in Creamer. At present, the price of each square meter is 5 thousand US dollars, he said. However, according to Russian media sources, Zelensky’s wife’s penthouse may be worth $800,000.

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Crimea became a lucrative place after Russia took control in 2014. But after Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, property prices and demand are said to have fallen. It should be noted that a drone attack took place in the Kremlin at the beginning of this May. Russia claims that this drone attack was to kill Russian President Putin.

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Although Ukraine carried out the attack, the Kremlin accused the US of being behind the incident. A few days ago, an official of the military intelligence agency of Ukraine admitted that there is a plan to kill Putin. Russia then threatened to intensify attacks against Ukraine. Diplomatic circles consider Russia’s decision to sell Zelensky’s penthouse on the Black Sea island of Crimea just hours after the threat.

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