Russia has summoned the ambassadors of Germany, Sweden and Denmark

Moscow (Russia) : The Nord Stream gas pipeline exploded in 2022 amid the Russia-Ukraine war. Four powerful explosions destroyed at least a 164-foot section of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. The adjacent pipeline Nord Stream-2 was damaged.

After the explosion of the gas pipeline connecting Russia and Germany passing through the Baltic Sea, the three countries are responsible for investigating the incident. This time, Russia summoned the ambassadors of Germany, Sweden and Denmark, alleging that there is a lack of results in the investigation.

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On Thursday, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that the explosion in the Nord Stream gas pipeline was not a coincidence. In a statement on Thursday, the Kremlin said, “We have noticed that these countries are not interested in reporting the sabotage incident and the results of its investigation. Instead they are delaying the investigation process. Who are they trying to hide without identifying the main culprits? “

However, after the explosion, Sweden and Denmark said that the explosion in the Nord Stream gas pipeline last year was intentional. But who or who caused this incident was shrouded in mystery.

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After the attack on Nord Stream One, Russia, Ukraine and European countries made accusations and counter-accusations against each other. Poland and Ukraine directly blamed Russia for the explosion. But no evidence was found. Germany, Denmark and Sweden were investigating the incident. On Thursday, Moscow made it clear to the ambassadors of the three countries that Russia should be immediately involved in the investigation.

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