‘…Russia aware of responsibility’, Kremlin claims after Putin assassination plot leaked

Russian President Vladimir Putin tops Kiev’s kill list. Moscow was shocked when this news came to light. Russia has indicated strict action in this regard. The Kremlin has effectively warned that it knows well what the duties of Putin’s security agencies are.

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The incident started around the interview given to a German press a few days ago by the deputy of the military intelligence service of Ukraine, Vadim Skibitsky. He said that Kiev considers Putin as the main enemy for Russia’s military operations in Ukraine. And so Skibitsky admitted that there was a plan to kill the Russian president.

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The Deputy of the Military Intelligence Service of Ukraine also warned that Putin is currently at the top of the murder list. He also said that Putin will suffer the consequences for military operations. Skibitsky also predicted that the Russian president could be assassinated by loyalists. In this regard, he pointed fingers at Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov and several other Russian top officials.

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Meanwhile, the Kremlin has been shaken by the release of this interview with the deputy of Ukraine’s military intelligence service. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov quickly responded to this on Thursday. In an interview with Russian state media, he said that Russian agencies know their work well with Putin’s security. Skibitsky’s comments claim that Russia’s military operation in Ukraine was the right decision.

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According to Dmitriy, the government of Ukraine is carrying out terrorist thinking. The Kremlin spokesman also indicated that military operations will be intensified. Incidentally, the drone attack on the Kremlin took place at the beginning of May. Russia accused the drone strike to kill Putin. Although the attack was carried out by Ukraine, the Kremlin claimed that the White House planned the attack. However, at that time Ukraine and America denied the news of the drone attack.

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The White House countered Russia’s allegations against them. The Biden administration is reportedly not inciting attacks against anyone outside the country. However, a section of the diplomatic community believes that comments by a deputy of Ukraine’s military intelligence service have reignited the controversy.

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