Returning empty-handed while searching, Imran’s house was greeted with water and biscuits by Pak police!

Pakistan police decided to search Imran Khan’s security on the allegation that several militants are hiding in his house. Despite searching, they had to return empty-handed. Former Pakistan Prime Minister’s chief security officer claimed that the police returned with water and biscuits.
Amir Mir, information minister of the caretaker government in Punjab province, claimed that 30 to 40 militants have been deployed to protect the former prime minister. He warned that necessary measures will be taken if the militants are not handed over. After that, a police team searched Imran’s Jamon Park house on Friday.

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According to Pakistani media reports, this police team was led by Lahore Police Commissioner Mohammad Ali Randhawa, Deputy Commissioner Rafia Haider, DIG Operations Sadiq Dogar. The Pakistani media also reported that the police team searched for several hours. After several hours of searching, the team reportedly returned empty-handed.

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Meanwhile, Iftikhar Ghuman, chief security officer of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, opened up about the search. In an interview given to the Pakistani media, he said that the team engaged in the search can understand that any additional militants of the head of the Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf Party are hidden. He claimed that the police team went back after eating water and biscuits.

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While Khan’s chief security officer said the police would return empty-handed after the search, Lahore Capital City Police Chief Bilal Saddiq Kamiana said otherwise. He claimed that before the search, six to seven militants tried to escape from the Zaman Park residence of former Pakistan Prime Minister. All of them have been arrested, said the police official.

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Incidentally, Punjab caretaker government minister Amir Mir claimed that 30 to 40 militants are hiding in Imran’s house last Wednesday. He gave Imran a deadline to hand over the militants to the Pakistani police. After the deadline was not handed over on Thursday, police raided Imran’s Zaman Park house in Lahore.

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It should be noted that Pakistan police arrested Imran Khan in a corruption case on May 9. Imran’s party PTI called for protests across the country to protest the arrest. Incidents of violence also occurred around the protests. The police had registered a non-bailable case against Imran for abetting violence. However, Imran has been granted bail till June 2 in that case.

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