RBI’s truck full of money stood on the road in Chennai! Then… RBIs truck carrying RBIs Rs 535 crore in cash breaks down in Chennai

G is a 24 hour digital bureau: Money trickles inside. There is a strict police guard outside. The engine suddenly broke in the middle! RBI’s truck stopped on the national highway. Hulsthul Kanda in Chennai.

Account can be opened in any bank if desired. The only exception is the Reserve Bank or RBI. Only government deals with this bank. Again, truck loads of money are sent from the Reserve Bank to various government banks. Just as it was being sent to Chennai. And that was the problem.

According to police sources, the total amount of money was more than thousands of crores. Two tracks departed from the Reserve Bank office in Chennai that day. The destination was Villupuram. The money was supposed to be delivered to the banks there.

Then? A truck’s engine broke down in Tambaram area. There was a total of 535 crore rupees in that truck. 17 police officers were guarding the two trucks. But after a truck broke down, they didn’t take any more risks. Requests were made to send more police. The deputy police superintendent of the area reached the spot with a large force almost immediately.

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For safety reasons, the damaged truck was taken to a local school. The school gate is locked from the inside. School visits are also temporarily suspended. However, the truck could not be repaired. As a result it was sent back to Chennai.

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