Popular model-Miss Universe contestant dies while riding a horse

He loved riding horses since childhood. Horse riding was one of his passions. Meanwhile, the family members were worried about the daughter’s addiction. What a good thing happens! Finally, all fears came true. 23-year-old model and former Mew Universe contestant Sienna Weir has died after falling from a horse.

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It is known that on April 2, he was at the Windsor Polo Field in Australia horse riding was doing That’s when a terrible accident happened. After going some distance, his horse overturned. Sienna fell to the ground. He suffered serious head injuries. He was rushed to the hospital.

But, there his physical condition started to deteriorate gradually. The doctors could not hear any hope. However, efforts are made to save Siena. He was admitted to Westmead Hospital in Sydney. But, he went into a coma. Then the doctors put him on life support. It is known that he was on life support for a month. However, there was no improvement in his physical condition during this time. After that, with the consent of the family, the doctors decided to withdraw his life support.

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Sienna’s death at just 23 years has left her fellow contestants in shock. She was seen in the finals of Miss Universe Australia in 2022. She started working as a model at a very young age and became established in no time. He has been seen in photoshoots of many famous brands.

However, he did not want to stop his career only in modeling Sienna. He wanted to enter the world of acting. He recently landed in England. The aim was to establish herself as an actress. Meanwhile many members of his family live in England. In that case, Siena did not have to face special problems.

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It sounds like he is different He was also auditioning. But, before the start of the career in acting, there is a big obstacle. He fell into the lap of death. His fellow contestants are also shocked.

It is known that Sienna suffered a serious head injury after falling from the horse. Although the wounds in various parts of the body were healed, blood clots started forming in his head. And as a result, the danger increases. The doctors tried their best to make him healthy. But, in the end, this ‘beauty’ lost the battle of life.

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