Phalaharini kali puja 2023: Why is Phalaharini new moon significant in Dakshineshwar? What to do to gain the grace of mother on this day!

From Tarapeeth to Dakshineshwar, everywhere is dressed up for Falharini Kali Puja. Falharini Kali Puja is celebrated at Maha Sambar in Dakshineshwar. Amavasya Tithi starts at 9:13 PM on Thursday, May 18 and ends at 8:43 PM on May 19.

The worship of Goddess on this tithi is of special significance as the worship of mother on this particular tithi removes all the inauspicious karmas, the devotees get auspicious results. Mother is worshiped with various things but this puja is special because in this puja the mother is offered fruits. Mother is decorated with garlands of fruits on this day in Tarapeeth. Devotees offer various fruits to Mother to fulfill their desires.

This day has a different significance in Ramakrishna Math and Ashram. This day is very significant in the life of Sri Ramakrishna himself. Because on this day he worshiped Shrima Sarada Devi in ​​the form of Shorshi, which is still known as Shorshi Pujo in Ramakrishna Math and Ashram. This puja is also celebrated here in Dakshineshwar on this day with great grandeur.

Don’t forget to light an oil lamp in front of mother on this day. If the mother’s puja is completed smoothly, all obstacles are removed. Maa Kali is on the one hand the embodiment of power and on the other hand she is the mother of the universe, she is immensely merciful. In his various forms, sometimes he is Mahakali, sometimes he is Bhadrakali, and sometimes he does not bear fruit. If people make a wish by offering any of their favorite fruits to the mother on this special tithi, the mother surely fulfills that wish. The offered fruit is not to be accepted until the wish is fulfilled. When the wish is fulfilled, the fruit should be offered to the mother and floated in the Ganga, then this fruit can be taken again. In many homes, Kali Puja is organized to harvest fruits on this special auspicious occasion. Pujari Kali improves the work and financial fortune of the worshiper.

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