‘Pet’ talking in human language! Everyone who is surprised to see the viral video, will you also pay?

He spends a lot of time laughing with his pet. But does he understand our language? Through some habits, however, he can understand when to be afraid when he blinks, when to approach when called, when to eat, and when not to do anything. But let’s say your pet can speak to you in human language. How about then? But yes, the pet is not flesh and blood, but a robot. The four-legged robot pet will talk to you in human language. Will answer your question. Santiago Valdaramma surprised by making such a robot. You will be surprised to know how it was made.

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Recently OpenAI’s ChatGPT has taken over the market. Many have already seen the perfection of this new artificial intelligence in phones. Santiago made his pet with its help. However, Google has supported ChatGPT. A video of how he talks has gone viral on the internet. As it turns out, Spot (pet name) is being asked about his battery (this pet will only play with you if you charge it). It says the battery still has 53% charge. Not only that, the robot pet also told what its purpose is.

According to Santiago, ChatGPT and Google’s text-to-speech technology were used to create the two spots. Ask a question on the spot and ChatGPT finds the answer. Google’s text-to-speech technology then helps read out the answers found. The video went viral in no time after being shared on Twitter. Many came and made complimentary comments. Netizens claim that Spot is also a pet because he is answering such beautiful questions. In the words of one, ‘I want such a pet!’

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