Penumbral lunar eclipse at the beginning of May! Why this adoption is so different, how to see

The various events in space are quite eye-catching. One of the attractions among such events is lunar eclipse and solar eclipse. The people of the world are waiting to see these two eclipses. A lunar eclipse will also be seen on May 5. But this eclipse is going to be the highlight of the year for many reasons. Why? Because it is a penumbral lunar eclipse in the term of scientists. Compared to a total or partial lunar eclipse which is quite different. There is also a special reason why it is different. There is a scientific explanation. This eclipse is going to be different because of the shape of the orbits of the Moon, Earth and Sun.

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How will a penumbral lunar eclipse occur?

According to scientists, the orbits of Earth, Sun and Moon are not in the same plane. And that’s why a special moment of eclipse is created in each situation. The sun shines on the earth. As a result, the side of the earth facing the sun is bright and the back side is dark. But this darkness has two parts. One part is dark or shadow, and the other part is less dark or shadow. Just behind the earth is a dark line in the horizontal line. There is shadowy darkness along the two edges of that dark darkness. If there is a moon in the penumbral area during this eclipse, it is called a penumbral eclipse.

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