Peacock booty of Pak army officer! Watch the video of Imran supporters rioting

Pakistan is on fire after the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. As news of his arrest spread on Tuesday, the army officer’s house was attacked. Not only that, the assailants looted the pet peacock of the officer of the rank of core commander.

Pak Rangers arrested Imran in front of Islamabad High Court yesterday. AndIt is also alleged that Imran’s security personnel and lawyers were beaten up during this time.
Immediately after Imran’s arrest, supporters of his party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf or PTI came out on the streets. Protests started in various places demanding the release of the party chairman. In no time that turns violent.

After the arrest of Imran yesterday, PTI activists and supporters clashed with the Pak Police and Rangers. They set fire to police cars one after another. Stones rained on the Rangers.

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Meanwhile, a group of protesters barged into the residence of an army officer of the rank of Corps Commander of the Pak Army in Lahore. There was vandalism and arson. Besides, they loot peacocks from that house.

It is to be noted that the picture of peacock booty from the army officer’s house has already gone viral on social media. However, PTI said that the party has no connection with this attack.

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A group of protesters also stormed the Pakistan Army headquarters in Rawalpindi. Imran supporters broke the gate of army headquarters. That video has also spread on social media. Besides, yesterday there were attacks on army camps in Peshawar, army residences in Lahore and Karachi.

Pak Police and Rangers used baton charge to handle the situation yesterday. Water cannons are used. However, the PTI supporters could not be brought under control. There were also allegations of firing on protesters in Rawalpindi. PTI claimed that a total of four people died in the firing. Although the death toll has been claimed by the Pakistani administration to be one.

On Wednesday, PTI again took to the streets to demand Imran’s release. On the other hand, the National Accountability Bureau or NAB is trying to take the former Prime Minister into custody.

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Incidentally, New Delhi is also worried about this incident. Strict vigilance has been ordered along the International Border and Line of Control (LoC).

Defense experts claim that Islamabad can take an aggressive attitude to divert attention as the country’s situation is fiery. Pak Army can attack India by opening a new front.

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