Panchmukh Prime Minister of Papua praises world leader Modi

After US President Joe Biden, this time the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea. Panchmukh is yet another state leader in praise of Narendra Modi. He addressed Namo as ‘Global Leader’.

Prime Minister Modi attended the third summit of Forum of India Pacific Islands Cooperation or FIPIC on Monday. His popularity was praised there by Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape. Besides, he also wants help from India on several issues.
Edin Marape said, “We are victims of the world’s struggle for power. You (Prime Minister Modi) leader of the southern world. Let India lead the whole world. We will march behind you.”

On the other hand, Prime Minister Modi raised several important issues in this conference. He said, “Inconsistencies in the supply of fuel, food, fertilizers and life-saving medicines have been observed at present. Those whom we trust are not standing by our side in times of need.”

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Apart from this, Prime Minister Modi mentioned that how badly the impact of the Covid epidemic has hit the Pacific islands. “From natural calamities to food shortages, poverty or health issues, new challenges are emerging in the post-Covid era. Today, I am happy to say that India has stood by friendly countries in tough times.” Prime Minister Modi said in today’s summit.

Incidentally, a total of 14 countries contributed to the third summit of FIPIC. Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Papua New Guinea on Sunday night to attend this conference. Prime Minister Marape of the Pacific island nation touched his feet in an unprecedented bow while being welcomed at the airport. The Prime Minister immediately pulled him to his chest and hugged him.

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It should be noted that Papua New Guinea has a special rule in welcoming foreign heads of state. No head of state is welcome there after sunset. It was evening when the Prime Minister arrived in Papua from Japan on Sunday. James Marape welcomed him at the airport breaking the tradition.

Prime Minister Modi held a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Papua on the sidelines of the FIPIC Summit on Monday. In this area of ​​the Pacific Ocean, China conducts Dadagiri in the name of trade throughout the year. International relations analysts claim that Namo gave a strong message to Beijing from this summit without naming names.

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Apart from this, a meeting of Quad (Quad) countries was held in Hiroshima, Japan on Sunday. Modi was there along with US President, Prime Minister of Japan and Australia. From that meeting, China was given a formality. Trying to unilaterally break the status quo in the Pacific region will not yield good results. The four countries of the Quad made a statement yesterday.

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