Pak ‘captain’ gets bail in eight cases

Islamabad: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan got relief again in the court. Anti-Terrorism Court (NAB) in Islamabad on Tuesday granted anticipatory bail to Imran in eight cases. While giving protection to Imran, the court ordered that the PTI chief is getting bail till June 8. Pakistani media ‘The Dawn’ claims that these cases were filed against Imran in connection with the violence in the court premises.

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The court granted him bail in all cases. On this day, Imran-wife Bushra BBI also got anticipatory bail in Al Qadir Trust land corruption case. NAB has granted bail to Bushra till May 31. All in all, the captain’s team is relieved.

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Imran seemed shaky before going to the court for the hearing of the bail application. Imran expressed fear that he may be arrested again on this day in some case. However, Imran wrote to the fans, ‘Calling the people to be calm. If they spread violence in any way, they will get another chance. Have to protest peacefully.’

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