Oxygen has been found in the soil of the moon, is the possibility of settlement on the moon increasing now?

Oxygen has been successfully extracted from the soil of the fake moon. NASA has achieved this success in recent experiments. This soil is prepared scientifically in the laboratory. One of the logistics of survival was recovered by doing special experiments on it. NASA is sending astronauts to the moon on the Artemis mission. Apart from this, space experts believe that the results of this research on lunar soil will give a new direction.

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Laboratory-made lunar soil is a specially formulated powdered soil. This soil is actually spread on the back of the moon. This is the first successful extraction of oxygen from that soil in a vacuum environment. This success is re-thinking NASA. Astronauts are also believed to be able to make oxygen on the moon in the same way. The pursuit of life will be easy if one of the most important logistics of life is available. NASA space scientists think so. Next steps will be taken in the in situ resource utilization process. Oxygen has long been an important component of lunar soil. In addition to breathing, oxygen can solve many other difficult problems, including lunar travel. In this regard, a statement was issued by NASA. It is said, through this experiment, it was found that it is possible to make oxygen from the soil of the moon. Besides, the regularly produced oxygen will help people to survive even in critical moments. At the same time, the way to travel to the outside world will also be easy.

NASA’s Carbothermal Reduction Demonstration Team conducted the experiment at Johnson Space Center. The test is conducted in a circular dirty thermal vacuum chamber with a diameter of 15 feet. Why is this chamber called dirty? That reason has also been known by NASA. It is said that even impure samples can be tested inside this chamber.

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