Only one name on the ballot, 100% vote! In Kim’s country, the election is disastrous

Sometimes one missile test after another. The United States is threatened with nuclear attack ever again. North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un has been in the news all year round. Many believe that he has seized the power of the country by force. Actually, it is not like that. He was elected by the Korean people by regular voting.

North Korea votes

North Korea’s parliament is called the Supreme People’s Assembly or SPA. The island nation in the South China Sea holds elections every five years. That is, the members of the SPA are elected by the people of the country.

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North Korea has some strange rules when it comes to elections. Citizens over 17 years of age participate in voting there. Note that voting is mandatory in Kim’s country. Citizens have to face heavy penalties if they do not participate in the elections. As a result, North Korea gets 100 percent votes in every election.

How to vote

By rule, North Koreans must go to the booth and line up on election day. They got the ballot papers there. There is only one name on the ballot. No pen or ink is required to vote. Voting is completed when the ballot is taken and dropped into the box.

Incidentally, secret ballots are not held in North Korea. Ballot boxes are kept open in front of everyone. A space is enclosed within the booth. Someone can go there and cut the name on the ballot. However, in that case, the North Korean police started looking for that person. Besides, he was also declared insane.

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Basically, the vote is a test of loyalty to the government in North Korea. When the voting was over, Koreans rejoiced. The results of the polls were broadcast on government TV channels in the evening. There too election day is shown as a state festival day.

A. Powers of the Korean Parliament

Political analysts claim that North Korea’s parliament or SPA has no power. In the language of political science, it is called ‘Rubber Stamp Parliament’. Kim’s country’s ruling party makes the laws. They are approved by the SPA.

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Notably, the Workers’ Party led by Kim has the most seats. Also Social Democratic Party and Chendoist Changu Party also have some seats. These three groups together created the Democratic Front for Reunification of Korea. AThe alliance rules North Korea.

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