Oh father, so expensive! What to eat, the price of ice cream wrapped in gold leaves is unconscious

Eight to eighty, who does not like to eat ice cream? Some like chocolate and some like vanilla. If the ice cream surprises you? If you are surprised to eat the familiar sweet cold food? That may be so. And one of the reasons may be the price of ice cream! Recently, an ice cream was named in the Guinness Book of Records for its price. It won the title of the most expensive ice cream in the world. How much is the price? You may be a little surprised. You can also eat Virmio. But believe it or not, it is true, the price of ice cream is 6 lakh! If the price of a single scoop of ice cream is so much, then you must be surprised! The ice cream is made by a company called Siletto in Japan. But what is the reason for the sky-high price of ice cream? The company itself said that.

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The ice cream scoop is specially made. According to the company, edible gold leaf is added to the ice cream ingredients. The ice cream also includes white truffle and natural cheeses. Incidentally, white truffles are grown in Alba, Italy, the price of which is 12 lakh rupees per kg in Indian currency. Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is also on the list of ingredients for this special ice cream. Also used are Sec Lis. Which is another expensive material. So it is natural that the price of ice cream made with such materials will be a little higher! A video was shared on Twitter. It shows its ingredients.

For now, this ice cream worth 5,53,772 rupees in Indian currency has now caught the attention of ice cream lovers all over the world. Not only that, it has also caught the attention of Guinness Book. After being named in the Guinness Book of Records, the whole world is buzzing. This ice cream made by Japanese ice cream brand Sileto is named Bakuya. But do ice cream lovers want to eat it?

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