Norway-Alaska became or Calcutta! The green light in the sky is the aurora borealis

There is not much left for dusk. The office goers have left for home. Suddenly a green light flashed across the western sky of Kolkata. People from different parts of the city started taking pictures and sharing them on social media. There is a lot of fuss about this. The question of many, what light is this? Is it the Aurora Borealis? Kolkata witnessed such a case on Thursday evening.

The environment is changing rapidly. The temperature is rising. Nature has started doing strange things which are not supposed to happen. And so many people may not be surprised if aurora borealis is seen in the sky of Kolkata in the summer. But what is this light really?

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TV Nine Bangla asked geologist Devi Prasad Duari about this. He told the media that this kind of green glow can be seen if there is a thunderstorm cloud in the sky. It is not very rare, he said.

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Sanjeev Banerjee, Eastern Regional Director of Meteorological Department, told the media that such a green glow can be seen in the sky during sunset or sunrise. It has nothing to do with the Aurora Borealis.

But so far nothing can be said for sure about this. Many have also claimed that this could be the light of a show or stage. The light took that shape due to the heavy pollution in the evening sky. But there was no evidence of that either. And that is why the source of this light remains a mystery.

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