No shoes, mothers desperately try to save their children’s feet by wrapping them in plastic on the hot road

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: The temperature touched around 45 degrees. A mother walks on the road in the hot summer sun of Madhya Pradesh. With 3 children. One on lap, others holding hands. The road is hot in the sun. To save the children’s feet from the burning road, plastic is wrapped around their feet. No money to buy slippers. This is how the mother walks with her children. The picture of Sheorpur in Madhya Pradesh went viral as soon as it was posted on social media.

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The tribal housewife named Rukmini was walking with her children in the scorching heat. That’s when a journalist named Insaf Qureshi noticed it. The scene caught his eye. He took that picture. But the important thing is that Qureshi did not stop at just taking that picture. Instead, he helped the woman with money so that she could buy shoes for the child. Rukmini told Qureshi about her miserable financial situation in detail.

Rukmini said that her husband was suffering from tuberculosis. As a result, the entire family is now going through dire straits. Some days the food comes, some days it doesn’t. Now Rukmini has to work as a laborer to save the family, he went out in search of her. Husband is ill. As a result, he has no one to look after his three children. So the mother went out to look for work with them. As soon as the news spread, the local administration came forward to help Rukmini.

Sheorpur Municipal Councilor Shivam Verma told the media that Angalwadi workers were asked to inquire about the family after receiving the news. Government will help them as much as possible.

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