Newly discovered compounds will build up the lost nerve cells, keep the heart healthy, how

The lost nerve cells can also return to the body. And a new compound will help with that. Scientists have recently found that new compound. The research was published in Nature. Researchers claim that if any organ cell is damaged due to an accident, several nerve cells are destroyed. A special chemical compound was recently discovered. It is this compound that helps those nerve cells regenerate. The new compound is named 1938. It goes into the cells and regulates the biological activity of the cells. This chemical compound takes care of how the cells grow. But its main role is not only in generating nerve cells. It is known that this chemical compound has a major role behind the formation of heart cells.

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According to the researchers, this special type of chemical compound protects the special cells of the heart from being damaged. Cell growth in the animal body is based on a few key factors. They keep cell division from cell proliferation at hand. Then there is another big surprise. Not only does it promote cell growth and protect heart cells from damage. This special compound helps to restore the animal’s lost motor function. University College London and the MRC Institute of Molecular Biology teamed up with Astrogeneca to complete this research. This special combination was made by scanning how more than a thousand molecules of this compound work

The Hazar 1938 chemical compound developed in this study activates a specific pathway called the phosphoinositide 3-kinase signaling pathway. This pathway activates cell growth. But in addition to this, another enzyme that regulates cell growth is the PI3K enzyme. The study, published in Nature, also analyzed how it works on the heart and nerve cells.

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