Mysterious balcony in the pyramids of Giza! Hidden treasure beyond?

Great wealth hidden in the pyramids of Giza? Mummy’s house will meet gold gold? Or find a chest full of diamonds? The practice started with finding the location of the hidden balcony in the pyramid.

Researchers are endlessly excited about the pyramids of Egypt, one of the eighth wonders of the world. Even today many mysteries of these pyramids remain unknown.

Archaeologists have recently been fascinated by solving the mystery of the pyramids. They found a mysterious new balcony inside the pyramids of Giza. Soon after, speculation began about the treasure hidden within the pyramids.

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However, the Egyptian authorities have acknowledged the discovery of a hidden balcony in the pyramid. Ahmed Isha, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, said that the balcony was found in the northern part of the pyramid.

It should be noted that the researchers have already released the picture of that balcony. The balcony between the pyramid made of light pink and red stone is triangular in shape. Its length is about nine meters. Although the researchers and archaeologists could not reach the last part of it.

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Ancient Egyptian kings were called pharaohs. The pyramids are the tombs of these pharaohs. After death, the pharaohs’ bodies were wrapped in a special cloth that was given medicine. Later it was kept in a wooden box that looked like a coffin. which was buried in the pyramids.

According to the researchers, the ancient Egyptians used to wrap the corpses in special cloths to prevent the body from rotting. Because of this, even after thousands of years, the corpses of the pharaohs remained intact. This is called mummy. And the wooden box in which the mummy was kept was called Serphophagus.

Historians have claimed that the traditional Giza pyramid belongs to Pharaoh Khufu. The height of this four and a half thousand year old pyramid is about 146 meters.

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Many mysteries of Pharaoh Khufu’s Giza pyramids are still unknown. In 2015, archaeologists from several countries embarked on new research to solve this mystery. Egyptian researchers entered the pyramids in the same year. They were accompanied by archaeologists from France, Germany, Canada and Japan.

After nearly seven years, the research team was happy to find the hidden balcony inside the pyramid. They claim that there may be a tomb of Pharaoh Khufu or someone of his family on the other side of that balcony. And they indicated that treasure can be found in that tomb.

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