Mohini Ekadashi 2023: When is Mohini Ekadashi of Baisakh month, know the auspicious moment and importance of this Ekadashi

Ekadashi Tithi has special importance in Hinduism. The day of Ekadashi Tithi is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Worshiping Lord Vishnu on Ekadashi Tithi is considered very auspicious. Mohini Ekadashi falls on the Ekadashi tithi of Shuklapaksha in the month of Baisakh. On this day Lord Vishnu takes Mohini avatar. Hence it is called Mohini Ekadashi. Let’s know when is Mohini Ekadashi in the month of Boishakh and when is its auspicious time.

When is Mohini Ekadashi?

Mohini Ekadashi fast will be observed on May 1. Ekadashi Tithi will begin on April 30 at 8:28 PM and will last until May 1 at 10:9 PM. According to Uday Tithi, Mohini Ekadashi fast will be observed on May 1.

Importance of fasting on Mohini Ekadashi

Fasting on Mohini Ekadashi is described as the best in the scriptures. On this day Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini and killed the Asuras. It is said that by observing this fast, all one’s sins are washed away and one gains victory over one’s enemies. Not only this, fasting on Ekadashi maintains happiness and peace in the family and the individual gains wealth, knowledge and wealth.

Puja method of Mohini Ekadashi

On Ekadashi day, a person should wake up early in the morning and offer water to Surya Narayan after bathing etc.

After offering water to Suryadev take some water in the vessel and take a vow to observe Ekadashi fast.

After this, spread a red or yellow cloth and place the idols of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi on a wooden stand in the house. Then offer yellow flowers, sandalwood, yellow cloth etc.

After that recite the fast vows of Mohini Ekadashi. Break your fast at an auspicious time the next day.

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