Modi dependence-Lingayat anger! Know 5 factors behind BJP’s loss in Karnataka

G is a 24 hour digital bureau: BJP lost power in Karnataka. So far, Congress has won 135 seats out of 224. BJP won 65 seats. From scrapping of minority quota, hijab debate, tipu sultan’s birthday controversy, no prescription of polarization worked. Rather, Rahul’s Bharat Joro Yatra brought the tide to Congress’ dead gang. Congress is winning the bet by highlighting the issue of people’s bread and bread. But why such a defeat Basbaraj Bombay government? According to party sources, the BJP had lost before the polls. According to political experts these 5 factors worked behind BJP’s loss in Karnataka.

Modi dependence

No matter which state of the country votes, Modi-Shah is the last word. In the 2021 West Bengal assembly elections also, BJP leaders in Delhi carried out carpet bombing campaigning against the Mamata Banerjee government in the state. No result. Modi stole all the limelight in the Karnataka campaign. The state BJP relied heavily on him. State leaders didn’t get much call there. Rather, Modi charisma and Centre’s projects have been promoted more. The issue of the state has gone on the back foot. BJP has failed to read the graffiti of mango voters.

The anger of the Lingayats

BJP could not present anyone as the face of the party in the state. Yeddyurappa was popular among all castes in the state. Insider news is that he has not been given much attention. Instead, Bombay is highlighted. Yeddyurappa was eventually campaigned with Modi, but the party was skeptical about him. Because by removing Yeddyurappa, the BJP killed the Lingayat community. Bombay was brought instead but that anger was not satisfied. On the other hand, the Congress has taken home the votes of OBCs, Dalits and Muslims.

Selection of candidates

Besides, BJP has made many cuts in giving candidates. Older candidates even former Chief Minister Jagdish Settar, senior party leaders Eshwarappa and Laxman Sevadi were left out. The result was not good. 72 new faces were brought in after many winning MLAs. Settar and Savadi defected to the Congress.

Message noise

Although the campaign started with the message of development, it ended up in Hinduism. Bajrang Dal may be banned by BJP. Bidepi tried to put wind on the sails of Hindutva by highlighting Muslim sentiments. People didn’t take it. The Congress took the wind that the BJP is a 40 percent commission government. BJP could not counter attack against it.

Religious polarization

BJP raised polarizing issues like Hilala, Hijab, Azaan, Muslim reservation. People didn’t take it. While other parts of the country have done a good job on these issues, Karnataka has failed miserably. Rather, Congress has raised the issue of corruption, that issue has been taken up by the people. Congress has talked about development. People have taken it.

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