Modi announced a clear position on China, Pakistan at the G-7 summit

New Delhi: Before the G-7 summit, the Prime Minister clarified his position regarding relations with neighboring countries. According to him, India has repeatedly tried various ways to maintain normal and neighborly relations with Pakistan. But it is necessary to create a favorable environment completely free from the climate of terrorism. And taking all the necessary steps in this regard is the responsibility of neighboring states. This is what Narendra Modi said in an interview on the eve of the conference.

The Prime Minister reached Hiroshima to attend the G-7 summit on Friday. And then, in an interview with Nikkei Asia reporter, one of Japan’s most important media outlets, he said, “It is necessary to take a responsible role in preventing ourselves from dangerous tendencies like supporting terrorists.”

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In that interview, Modi informed about the specific position regarding China. He claimed that maintaining peace and stability along the Indo-China border requires respect for the sovereignty of other countries. The Prime Minister said that the behavior of occupying any part along the borders of the neighboring states is absolutely unacceptable.

It is to be noted that, in talks with Pakistan, New Delhi has repeatedly stated that inciting terrorism and negotiating – Islamabad cannot continue together. India has repeatedly accused Pakistan of supporting terrorism at the international level.

Regarding the relationship with China, Medhi also said in the interview that India is fully prepared and committed to protect its sovereignty and dignity. In Modi’s words, “to maintain normal bilateral relations with China, it is first necessary to maintain peace on the border.” The future of India’s relationship with China depends on mutual respect, mutual interest and sensitivity.”

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