Miracle! Blood sugar 2656, young man back from death

Increasingly, the blood sugar level has exceeded two and a half thousand. The doctors replied as soon as they received the report. But an American youth came back from the face of death. Not only that, he also made a place in the record book.

The name of the 21-year-old is Michael Patrick Buonocor, a resident of New Jersey. He touched the record of maximum blood sugar. Doctors said that the amount of sugar in his body is 21 times more than normal.

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Michael was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of six. His name appeared in the record book on March 23, 2008. Michael’s blood sugar at that time was 2,656.

A blood sugar level of 126 or less is considered normal. If the sugar is 500 or more, it is considered dangerous by doctors. It is also believed that if the blood sugar level continues to rise, it can lead to death at some point.

At the age of six, Michael went on a trip to Pennsylvania with his parents. At that time he fell ill for the first time. After a blood test, he was diagnosed with diabetes.

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Michael was not worried about the blood sugar detection. In his words, “It is a very common disease. These days it is happening at home. Didn’t think about it at all.”

But within a few days the situation started to deteriorate. Michael gradually lost the ability to stand up straight or walk. As a result, the parents were forced to admit him to the hospital.

Michael was in the hospital for about two weeks. “The doctors saved my life. They teach me and my parents how to fight blood sugar.” Michael told the media.

However, this fight was not easy at all. Bunoko’s family claimed that at that time the blood sugar level was increasing by leaps and bounds. At one point they gave up hope. But Michael was walking on the road shown by the doctors.

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After doing this for a long time, Michael’s blood sugar came under control. Currently he has to take insulin regularly. However, he regained the strength to walk.

“When the blood sugar rises to record levels, the nerves start to get stressed. I could not think properly. The worst pain was in the legs. I could not stand up without someone’s help. Even though it seems like a miracle, I got over it, and I can laugh and play like five people.” Michael said in the interview.

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