Mating with the corpse! Pakistanis are locking women’s graves

Necrophilia in Pakistan! Having sex with the dead body! And that’s why women have to lock the grave! As soon as this sensational information came to light, there was an uproar in that country. What exactly is the matter?

It may sound unbelievable but this is what is happening in Pakistan. Locking of graves of female family members has started. It is feared that dead bodies of women of any age are being exhumed for sexual intercourse. This is claimed by Pakistani Australian writer and activist Harris Sultan. He tweeted a picture of one such locked grave.

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Haris Sultan claimed that if the women’s graves were not locked, the bodies could be lifted and raped. Necrophilia is on the rise in Pakistan. That is, the trend of having sex with dead bodies is increasing. He blamed fanaticism for this act.

In a tweet, Harris Sultan wrote, “Pakistan has created such a disciplined, sex-starved society, people are now locking women’s graves. So that they are not raped.”

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Another Pakistani writer and political analyst Sajid Yusuf Shah also made the same claim on Twitter. He wrote, “Pakistan has created such a social environment, a sex-starved and repressed society has been born. As a result, some people have to lock their daughters’ graves to protect them from sexual violence. Such incidents lead the society to the path of sadness and despair.”

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Allegations of necrophilia, i.e. sex with dead bodies, are not new in Pakistan. Several such news have surfaced in the past few years. There have been accusations of removing the bodies of women from graves and using the bodies for sexual acts. One such sensational incident happened in 2011. Mohammad Rizwan, a slaughterhouse guard, confessed to having sex with the dead bodies of more than 48 women in Karachi’s North Nazimabad area. He was caught red-handed while doing this heinous act. Later he confessed to this heinous crime.

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In May 2022, news of such an incident also came to light in Pakistan. In Gujarat’s Chak Kamala village, a girl’s body was dug up and allegations of rape were made with the body. The incident happened on the same night that her family buried the girl. The relatives of the dead girl came to the cemetery the next morning and found the grave open. Later, marks of rape were found on the body.

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In 2021 in Gholamullah, in 2020 in Okara city of Pak Punjab, in 2019 in Landi Town of Karachi, in 2013 in Gujranwala similar incidents happened one after the other. In most cases, the investigation has not been resolved. Such incidents were not curbed. As a result, Pakistanis are forced to lock the graves of female family members.

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