Masterchef and cricket have increased their friendship, Modi’s words are true!

Masterchef and cricket have brought India-Australia closer. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks at the event in Sydney. He addressed the Non-Resident Indians program on Tuesday. The event was attended by the Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese. He addressed Namo as ‘dear friend’.

On this day in the ceremony Prime Minister Modi Said, “Cricket has brought India and Australia together over the years. Nowadays, tennis, films and many other things have served as a bridge to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.”

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In addition to this, the Prime Minister raised the issue of Indian yoga practice. “Our lifestyles may be different. But yoga brought us closer. We may prepare food in different ways. But MasterChef (a cooking competition in India and Australia) has bridged that gap.” Prime Minister Modi said at the event in Sydney.

It should be noted that on this day, the non-resident Indians of Sydney welcomed Prime Minister Modi with a grand ceremony. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese commented that Namo was given a ‘rock star reception’. He compared Modi’s popularity with the famous American singer Bruce Spinstein.

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Incidentally, on this day, Prime Minister Modi was welcomed at Kudos Bank Arena, one of the largest indoor stadiums in Sydney. As soon as Namo reached the stage, the whole stadium erupted in screams. On this day, he addressed about 21 thousand non-resident Indians.

Antony Albanese emphasized on greater cooperation between India and Australia on this day. He hugged Namo on the stage of the event. “A rock star reception awaits Modi wherever he goes.” Aji Prime Minister said in welcome speech.

Apart from this, Albanese praised Indian democracy. In his words, “The spirit of the world’s largest democracy is the Prime Minister Modi Prime Minister Modi brought to Australia. He helped strengthen our democracy.”

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Prime Minister Modi has embarked on a three-nation tour this month. He attended the G-7 and Quad meetings in Hiroshima, Japan. Namo met with US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida there. Prime Minister Aji was also present at the quad meeting.

Incidentally, Namo went from Japan to the Pacific island of Papua New Guinea. He met with the heads of state of 14 countries there. Modi visited Sydney from Papua New Guinea. The Prime Minister will return home on Wednesday.

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