Mangalwar vrat : Tuesday Vrat removes all troubles, how to observe! Know the rules of this vow

According to the scriptures, Sri Rama gave the boon of immortality to his devotee Hanuman, meaning that even today Sri Hanuman exists on earth. Tuesday is dedicated to Bajrangbali. It is believed that on this day Shri Hanuman never disappoints those who worship and serve him with true heart and he himself rushes to save them from every crisis. That is why Tuesday fasting has special importance.

When to start fasting on Tuesday?

According to the scriptures this fast should be started from the first Tuesday of the Shuklapaksha of any month, especially the Tuesday of the Shuklapaksha of the Jaishtha month has special significance, because on Tuesday of this month Sri Rama and Hanuman meet. The first Mars bar is called Big Mars.

How many Tuesdays to keep fast?

Fasting till the 21st or 45th Tuesday is considered auspicious but some Hanuman devotees observe it for life. Its vow should be celebrated on the Tuesday following the last Tuesday of fasting.

How to start fasting on Tuesday?

Take a bath on the first Tuesday and take a vow of fasting according to the number mentioned in front of Shri Hanuman. From then on every Tuesday before sunrise wear red after bathing.

Place a chowki for Sri Hanuman’s seat in the north-east corner of the house, place an idol or picture of Bajrangbali in it. You can also go to Hanuman temple and do puja.

Offer a cloth or chola mixed with jasmine oil in vermilion to Shri Hanuman, offer red flowers, cloth, coconut, jaggery, chickpeas, betel leaves.

Offer bhonde, kathbadam, besan laddus, any of these sweets, these are Bajrangbali’s favorite. Also remember Rama-Sita. Without them the puja of Shri Hanuman is incomplete.

Recite Hanuman Chalisha or Sundarkanda. At the end do Aarti.

Jaggery, coconut, lentils, red cloth, red sandalwood should be donated to the needy every Tuesday.

In the evening again remember Shri Hanuman only then break the fast.

Benefits of fasting on Tuesday

According to Shastra, fasting on Tuesday is considered best to get rid of Saturn’s afflictions. Due to its greatness, the person gets rid of the side effects of Sati and Dhyaya.

Fast on Tuesdays if childbearing is obstructed or marriage is delayed. Obstacles in marriage caused by Mangal Dosha are also removed.

Fasting on Tuesday removes blood related problems, gives strength to control anger. All sufferings are removed. By observing this fast, all kinds of evil forces are kept away.

Do not do this on fasting Tuesday

One should not cut hair, beard, nails especially on Tuesdays, it is considered inauspicious. Practice celibacy too.

Do not wear black clothes on this day, otherwise you will be deprived of the fruits of fasting.

Don’t eat salt even by mistake on Tuesday. Do not eat salty food even while fasting, otherwise the fast will be in vain.

Don’t eat tamasic food and drink even by mistake. Due to which Shri Hanuman may have to face the wrath.

Do not do any work related to Venus and Saturn on Tuesday. This reverses the effect of the work.

These people must fast on Tuesday

According to astrology, Mars is the lord of Aries and Scorpio, in which case the natives of these signs should fast on Tuesday. Mars in Cancer is considered weak, so these people should also fast.

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