Mangal Chandi Puja: Why is Mother Mangal Chandi Puja done? Know the greatness and vows of this puja

Goddess Mangalchandi is worshiped every Tuesday of Jaishtha month. Hence the name of this vow is Mangalchandi Puja. According to Pura Kale Kahini, Khullana, the wife of Dhanpati Saudagar, first started the worship of Goddess Mangalchandi Maa. It is said that by taking refuge in the mother, a crippled person gets wealth, a blind person regains eyesight, girls get children. Therefore, the worship of Mother Mangalamoyi is absolutely necessary in family life.

Ma Mangalchandi’s picture pot in which we see her is two-faced. He has a lotus in his hand. He is seated on a lotus. The form of motherhood blossoms in the goddess. Mangalchandi Vrat is mentioned in Bhavishya Purana. According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, Ma Mangalchandi is worshiped only by women.

This vow is to be observed every Tuesday of Jaishtha month, this vow is celebrated by worshiping the priest and listening to the vow. Many people in Bengal do this puja in every house.

17 whole betel nuts, rice, durba, flowers, fruits, bel leaves, ripe mangoes, jackfruit etc. are required for this fast. In Mangalchandi puja, durba grass, rice, barley, mung beans are made into khili in jackfruit leaves and offered to Mother Chandi first, then the rice and barley are swallowed whole in bananas. On this day the mother is first bathed with amla batter and turmeric. Then five fruits have to be donated.

Mother Mangalchandi’s vow

An old Brahmin woman came to a merchant’s house in Ujaninagar to beg for alms in the hot afternoon sun. The merchant’s wife begs him for rice and money. But hearing that he has no son, the old woman does not beg from him. When Saudagar’s wife burst into tears because she left without taking alms, Saudagar went to the old woman in search of her. The old woman put a flower in her hand and said that if her wife drank the water to wash the flower she would have a son, indeed it happened and the boy was named Jaydev.

Now that old brahmin came to the house of a merchant. Although he had a son but no daughter, he did not beg even there. The Brahmin asked the merchant’s wife to give a flower to drink the water that washed the flower, and the flower fed the water and she also gave birth to a daughter and named her Jayavati.

Jayavati and Jaydev grew up in two villages side by side. They play together. Jayadeva’s puja worship is not very devotional but Jayavati had great faith in it. He regularly worshiped Mother Mangalchandi. After this, Jayavati got married to Jayadeva. Seeing Jayavati taking a vow, Jayadeva asks what kind of vow she is taking. Jayavati says that if you observe this vow, Nirdhan gets wealth, dead people live, if they lose, they get back, this is Ma Mangalchandi’s vow.

Jaydev threw all Jayavati’s jewelry into a ball in the river water while taking her to her father-in-law’s house in fear of robbers. He did this to test Jayavati’s faith. Then on the wedding day at the house of the in-laws, while entertaining the guests, fishing was done by casting a net in the river. The fish was so huge that no one could cut it. Then Jayawati called. Remembering Ma Mangalchandi, he cut the fish with the bow effortlessly. From the stomach of that fish was found the pearl of jewelry which Jayadeva had thrown into the water. From that day Jaydev realized the greatness of Devi. This is how the greatness of Ma Mangalchandi’s vow spread far and wide.

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