Macron government’s novel initiative to tackle air pollution, cancels short-haul flights

The French government has taken a novel initiative to reduce air pollution due to the effect of carbon. They decided to stop short-haul flights within the country. The new government decision has been eased since last Tuesday. Government has emphasized on train services to reach short distances. A British press reported the French government’s decision to stop short-haul domestic flights.

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As a result of the new decision, it has been decided to organize train services so that those places can be traveled in less than two and a half hours, according to the media reports. The decision by Emmanuel Macron’s government means that commuters will now have to rely on trains to travel from Paris to places like Nantes, Lyon and Bordeaux. The government has assured that there will be no impact on air services in other major cities of the country, except for short-haul destinations.

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French Transport Minister Clement Beaune has cleared this government decision. In an interview given to a media, he said that such a decision was essential to eliminate pollution. According to him, the plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has been strengthened as a result of this decision. Besides domestic air services, those who use private jets for short-haul travel have also been tightened. A report by Transport and Environment (T&I) and the European Federation for Clean Transport notes that private jets are 14 times more polluting than commercial aircraft and 50 times worse than trains.

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The French government’s decision to cancel short-haul flights has angered airlines. Laurent Dancil, head of the caretaker of industry group Airlines for Europe (A4E), told an international news agency that the decision could result in many people associated with the airline losing their jobs. He said that the government’s claim that this decision is to reduce carbon emissions is baseless. According to him, banning short-distance trips would have minimal impact on reducing carbon emissions. The government should have focused on real solutions to the problem, rather than stopping trips, the head of the caretaker of industry group Airlines for Europe (A4E) said.

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