Lottery Result : Slap! Poor American woman who won the lottery jackpot is now a California millionaire

There is no saying, ‘Uparwala jab deta hai to chappar farke deta hai!’ That’s exactly what happened to a poor woman in California. The woman became a millionaire overnight by cutting a lottery ticket. Won the jackpot (Lottery Jackpot)! This poor woman’s dream come true story has now made headlines in the US. But how did his luck open up?

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Even six years ago there was no roof over the head. But, the current owner of the multi-million dollar is Lucia Forseth, a resident of Sacramento. A lottery ticket changed his fate. how Lucia bought a lottery ticket from a Walmart in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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It was then that Lucia went from being homeless to becoming a multi-crore owner overnight. His life changed in an instant. Still this American woman can present any famous expensive item in front of her with a gesture. But, nevertheless, Lucia stepped on the ground of reality. Even today he could not forget a single day of his long years of difficult life. He could not forget that moment of his dream come true.

Viral News: Jackpot by winning the dream number ticket! The young woman won five and a half million rupees in the lottery
On the day he returned home after buying a lottery ticket from Walmart, he had no idea that this little piece of paper could change his entire life in one fell swoop. He still can’t believe this change. It seems as if you are still wandering in a dream world.

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Lucia said, “I bought a ticket with my eyes closed. That’s how I got the prize. At first I thought I got nothing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I won five million dollars. I was homeless six years ago. I’m getting married this year. . Getting an associate’s degree. Also winning five million dollars. It’s unbelievable. I never thought that would ever happen to me.”

This American poor woman has won five million dollars i.e. about 40 crore 86 lakh 48 thousand 750 rupees in Indian currency. Currently, Lucia owns around 41 crore rupees in Indian currency. As luck would have it, a lottery ticket made him California’s new multimillionaire.

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