Lost eyesight can also be easily restored this time, according to new research

New research finds clues to degenerative retinal disease This disease has made life miserable for millions of people worldwide. Patients with degenerative retinal disease gradually lose their vision over time. This research shows new hope for regaining sight. According to a statement from the institute, researchers led by Michel Caiuet of Université de Montréal have found a way to reactivate dormant cells in the retina. Also, cells lost as a result of retinal degeneration can be replaced in the same way.

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The research team of Professor Michel Caouette, Director of Cellular Neurobiology Research at the UDEM-affiliated Montreal Clinical Research Institute, discovered some special cells. They share some characteristics with the latent to cone cells in the retina (glial cells). These cells help make photoreceptors, which allow humans to do things like perceive color, read, and drive. This inherited retinal degeneration is caused by damage to the light-sensitive retinal cells at the back of the eye. When these cells are destroyed by disease, they are no longer replaced. The patient’s visual acuity decreases which eventually leads to complete blindness.

“We identified two genes,” said lead author Camille Boudreau-Pinsonault of the University of Montreal. These genes are expressed in these dormant cells called Müller cells. Then they change into retinal neurons.’ “What’s interesting is that these Müller cells help the retina to reactivate and regenerate in fish. But in mammals, including humans, this usually doesn’t happen after injury or disease,” he added. Why genes work is still something scientists are researching.’ Waiting for now to wake up this special gene. If it is activated, the problem of vision loss will be solved a lot

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