Leave the job day and night to serve the parents, pay lakhs of rupees to the daughter of the elderly couple

There was a lot of difficulty in adapting to the work environment. The young woman thought of quitting her job many times. But, money is a failure? How will the family run? He used to come back thinking that.

But, tell the parents about the problem, all the problems will disappear immediately! The young woman is giving full time to her parents after leaving work. Instead, the family is putting huge money into the girl’s account for salary.

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The incident happened in China. A young woman named Nianan shared her experience of quitting her job on social media. It is known that Nianan has been working in a news agency for 15 years. But, in 2022, his workload increased. According to him, he had to devote every moment of the day to work. He told the matter to his parents. Nianan decided to be a ‘full time girl’ for her parents.

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It is known His parents pay 46 thousand 828 rupees in Indian currency per month for hand expenses. Meanwhile, Nianan is busy taking care of his mother and father after leaving the news agency. It is known that now every morning he dances with his father and mother for an hour to lighten his mind. Then go to the store with them to buy things. He helps his father and mother in cooking in the evening.

Besides working as a driver for the house, taking the parents for outings once a month and giving them vaccinations, the overall household responsibility now rests on his shoulders.

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However The girl’s parents also informed himif he gets a desired job, he can do it and spend the rest of the time with his parents.

The concept of being a ‘full time girl’ is somewhat surprising to Indians, but it is not entirely new. Faced with work pressure and competition, many quit their jobs and earn money by doing their parents’ daily chores, spending time with them.

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Many people think that they could not completely remove their dependence on their parents. And like some people, the young generation of China wants to spend time with their parents and take care of them. And that is why they choose this method as an alternative profession.

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