Know what is the real name of son-in-law parvan, what mantra to recite for son-in-law’s well-wishing

The son-in-law of the eldest son is one of the twelve months of Parban The married daughter-in-law is entertained on this occasion This arrangement is mainly aimed at strengthening family ties Besides, the son-in-law is also adopted in this festival The real name of this Parvana is Aranyasashthi, which is celebrated on the sixth day of Shuklapaksha of Jyashtha. Since the subject of son-in-law’s affection is included, it has been named Jamaishashti Apart from food, adar appayana, other instruments are very common in this parva

5 kinds of fruits spread on jackfruit leaves, betel supuri, rice durba, karamcha fruits, palm leaf fans are arranged in simple materials. Aranyasashti branch Mother-in-law tied a yellow oiled thread to the son-in-law’s hand after the mother-in-law came to Shasthi’s Thane for puja. For his auspiciousness, palm leaves are fanned and wet durbagh grass is fanned with drops of oleoresin. The mother-in-law blesses the son-in-law’s head with rice durba After that, the meal is arranged Jamaishashti entertainment is usually served as midday meal on the same day Now, if you can’t come in the morning due to your job, you can eat at night or even on weekends Along with various cooking, summer seasonal fruits also play a major role in the diet

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The sixth tithi started on Wednesday night 1/27/19 Tonight will be Jamaishashti Thithi till 3/26/52 On this day, a rhyme with the wind of the fan is called a mantra The rhyme is “Aranya Shasthi in Jaishtha month, Shat sixty sixty/ Lotan Shasthi in Shravana month, Manthan Shasthi in Bhadra month, Shaat Shaat Shat/ Durga Shasthi in Ashwin month, Shat Shat Shashti/ Mula Shashti in Aghran month sixty sixty sixty/ Paush In the month of Patai sixty sixty sixty / in the month of Shital sixty sixty sixty / in the month of Chaitra Ashoka shasthi sixty sixty sixty / in the twelve months thirteen sixth sixty sixty sixty.”

This sixty is Balai sixty. Which is called keeping children away from all kinds of dangers. Although there are differences in rituals, materials and customs in different families, the prayer of the mother’s heart remains the same.

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