Keeping acid reflux under control is essential for a problem-free pregnancy

Bangalore: Motherhood is a blessing. But the journey of pregnancy is not so smooth. Many times expectant mothers face both good and bad. This continues from the first day of conception to nine months. But many make the journey of motherhood smooth again. They do not have to face any problem from the beginning. At the end of time, a healthy and normal child is born. It is a kind of blessing. In this case, acid reflux becomes the villain at times. But what is it really?

Acid reflux is a condition in which excess acid is produced in the stomach, causing discomfort to the expectant mother. Also, the pressure on the back increases due to the growing baby. It can also cause discomfort. Pregnant women have various complaints. For example – stomach fullness, heartburn, belching etc. This can be caused by eating something or eating something after being on an empty stomach for a long time. Dr. Makaveri Senior Consultant of OBG and Fetal Medicine of Kaveri Hospital Unit of Electronic City of Bangalore is talking about this. Anu Joseph

Ways to reduce the depth of acid reflux:

Dietary changes The habit of eating oily and spicy foods should be reduced.

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It should be eaten little by little. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to overeat. Eat food according to daily requirements.

Dr Anu Joseph – OBG Fetal

Caffeinated drinks should be avoided.

Leave 1-3 hours between dinner and sleep.

Changes in sleeping posture:

One should sit upright while eating.

Head should be kept slightly elevated while sleeping.

Change in habits:

Drink more than 3 liters of water daily.

Walk for at least 15 minutes after every meal.

Smoking should be stopped.

Alcohol consumption should be avoided.

Do not self-medicate.

If home remedies do not help or if symptoms such as vomiting, stomach pain, weight loss increase, it is recommended to go to a specialist doctor. Medicines should be taken only after doctor’s advice. Never self-medicate.

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