Karnataka Chief Minister 2023: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah again! Which mantra will the Congress appease the hero of the Deccan victory Shivakumar?

Congress on the way to absolute majority in Karnataka. Siddaramaiah is going to be the next Chief Minister of Karnataka. But state Congress president DK Sivakumar (widely credited with the party’s revival in the state) will be rewarded, the source said, adding that a power-sharing formula has been arrived at in the party. First DK Shivakumar will form the government and later he will take over as Chief Minister. Also read, Karnataka Election result 2023: Modi’s Jayarath Thomkal in Karnataka! Rahul’s fate in new mantra… Read more, Karnataka Election results 2023: ‘Want to see father as Chief Minister’, Siddaramaiah son optimistic about Karnataka assembly election results (Zee 24 Ghanta App Country, World, State, Kolkata, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Health, Technology Download Zee 24 Ghanta App to read latest news

Updated By: May 13, 2023, 02:00 PM IST

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