Jokes about the military! Chinese comedy company fined 2 million US dollars

A group of Chinese comedians has been paid a hefty sum to perform a comedy about the military. They have been fined as punishment. 2 million US dollars to count the group of comedians. According to Chinese media sources, the group of comedians based in Shanghai is called the Xiaoguo Culture Committee. They had a show in the capital Beijing last Saturday. During the show, an actor jokingly compared the dog’s behavior to military behavior.

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He cited the Chinese military’s slogan ‘fight to win, create exemplary behavior’. This line was addressed to the military by the Chinese President in 2013. The China Culture and Tourism Bureau did not take kindly to this prank by the prankster. The company was fined about 14.7 million yuan (US$2.13 million) in Chinese currency for the subsequent joke. The bureau has alleged that such behavior has created adverse reactions in the society.

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Along with this, an indefinite ban has been issued on the show in Beijing. It has also been warned that such jokes about the military forces should not happen in the future. A video of the prank by a group of Shanghai comedians went viral on Chinese social media Weibo. This has created a mixed reaction among the Chinese people. Some have supported the joke aimed at the Chinese military. Many are again critical.

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Some critics consider the joke an insult to the military. There have been demands for strict action against the group of comedians. The Xiaoguo Culture Committee accepted this sentence of the administration. The committee has reportedly canceled all contracts with the actor who made the joke called Li Haoshi.

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Note that in 2015, Sanghai Xiaoguo Culture Committee was created. Within a few days the company became popular for pranks. Many Chinese comedians are known to be associated with this organization. However, this is not the first such fine against the company. Earlier in 2021, it was fined 200,000 yuan in Chinese currency for publishing a controversial ad.

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