Jamaishashti puja is incomplete without any materials? What is the standard ritual of Puja?

Ma Sasthi is one of the main deities of Bengal. It is said in Mangalkavya, due to his grace, a child comes in the arms of a barren woman. Day by day, the tradition of Jamaishashti is associated with the Puja of Mother Shashti. Incidentally, throughout the year, Bengali mothers celebrate several more Shasthi Thithis. The most popular of these are Durga Shasthi and Aranya Shasthi or Jamaishasthi. The son-in-law is chosen to entertain the son-in-law on the sixth tithi of the Shukla side in the elder month. Son-in-law is believed to make the days of the daughter-in-law smooth. But there is another story besides this.

Like other shashtis, this vow is also dominated by pooja dali. It consists of five, seven or nine types of fruits arranged on jackfruit leaves. Among them is a Karamcha, along with 108 Gakha Durba. On this day, the mother-in-law takes a bath in the early morning and fills up the water. After that, Amrapallava was established on the spot. There is a palm leaf fan. A thread should be dyed yellow and tied with flowers and leaves. After that Ma Shasthi puja is performed.

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Before that, in the morning, he had to come to Ma Shasthi’s police station with that branch and perform puja. After reciting the vows, the housewives of the house break their fast by giving ‘vatas’ to everyone, tying shashti threads on their hands. When the son-in-law comes, the plant should be soaked in water and aired with palm leaves. After that, the mother-in-law blessed her by saying ‘sixty-sixty-sixty’ by tying the thread on her hand and fanning her. It is said that the real purpose of Jamaishashti is motherhood, procreation and procreation. Best wishes for the girl so that she can lead a happy and peaceful married life. On the day of Shashti Puja, amrapallab, palm fan, paddy, durba, five to nine kinds of fruits, flowers and bel leaves, white thread and turmeric etc. are not missing.

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